Hawaii Volcano Wedding Treehouse

Secret Treehouse on 3 acres in Hawaiian Forest near Kilauea Volcano For Sale By Owner – Click Above

a00-lb5a3205Imagine making your tree top promises to each other in front of your friends, family and the forest, in a nature setting that is truly unique and magical, an ideal venue for enviable photos memories of nature intertwined with your expression of LOVE for each other.


Imagine making the most important declaration of your life for the Love of your Life, surrounded by the most important people to you, in the bird flying level of the Hawaiian Volcano Rainforest. Prevalent, are the Giant Tree ferns (straight out of the Jurassic Park movie, but real) appearing as a carpet below, with the Trees poking thru reaching skyward, the meandering level TreeHouse walkway and chapel (under a beautifully designed canopy with skylights) are Perfect for your favorite friends and family to enjoy the splendid view and forest ambiance for your once in a lifetime TreeHouse wedding ceremony. We call it….

“Tree Top Promises”

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This venue is truly unique as well as truly romantic and memorable. Solid and beautiful, the native ohia forest becomes a sanctuary for your special wedding day.

Other special events and informal intimate gatherings of up to 10 or 12 people are also hosted at the TreeHouse.

Are you ready for a rare opportunity to get married in a real TreeHouse, a living environmental sculpture? We are in Hawaii on the Big Island near the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

For questions and quotations, contact Treehouse Skye:


(or use this secure contact page…)    TH3  4S

Call Skye at 1-808-936-9392


Here is a genuine handmade TreeHouse, built 20-feet up off a native forest floor, integrated into 5 living Ohia trees and secluded on four quiet acres of pristine Hawaiian rain forest!

TreeHouse Skye is a master TreeHouse builder and resides adjacent to the Wedding TreeHouse property. You are invited with your guests to the quiet and peaceful rain forest and this special artistically designed venue for weddings, honeymoons, celebrations, and other special events and intimate gatherings of up to 10 or 12 people.  Aloha Nui Loa!

Contact Skye at 1-808-936-9392 for more details.

You and your guests will be just 10 minutes away from viewing the active Kilauea volcano in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

For questions and quotations, 

Contact Treehouse Skye:  skye@volcanotreehouse.net
or use this secure contact page…

Phone: 1-808-936-9392

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